How to stand out from the crowd on Profiles App

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Nuala Soutter | 6th April 2023


Want to get chosen for more jobs that you apply for on our crew app?

Here is top tips from our Ops Manager Fran Dancona who knows the app inside out and is constantly working on making the app better for all our staff and consultants.

Got skills? Tag em!

Let us know what you have done whether it’s Barista, Cocktails, DBS. Although you might have these skills noted on your CV if you go to your app and tag these skills (only if you have them of course!) it allows our consultants to quickly see you match the criteria of any particular job.

On the other side.. no skills? Don’t tag em!

It’s okay – Profiles is a first job for a lot of people.. but only tag the skills you actually have work experience doing, rather than ticking everything

To upskill you can book various Training Sessions via the app under Profile and scrolling to Training where you can apply for our In House Hospitality Training or Online Flow Training.

Compliance Matters

Ensure you have provided all of the relevant compliance in order to be chosen for jobs. This includes:

2 Professional References (Their name & Email)

RTW Check (Someone from our team has viewed and verified the original copy of your Passport or Sharecode)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Make sure you have a appropriate Profile Picture on your app looking smart and more importantly smile! No pouting or snapchat filters. Market yourself as a Professional – this is a job after all!


As much as a picture is a thousand words when there are a thousand pictures – why not add a little context and tell us about yourself, what you are up to, what you like doing in your spare time and what makes you better than the rest!

Meet the team
We visit your hometowns to Guildford, Southampton, London and Reading once a month every month. Putting a face or conversation to a name can go a long way! Make an effort to come to our RTW / Meet days in various towns for a coffee and a chat!

Think & Check before you apply

Only apply for events and venues you have checked the location for.. especially if you don’t drive. Don’t give yourself a bad rep by applying for anything and everything under the sun if there is no train for a 1am finish. Our consultants want to see you have taken care and time when applying for their jobs.